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The role and function of flowers: from past to present

Date Added: December 11, 2009 04:16:22 PM
Author: mcekenzie121
Category: Computers & Internet: Web Directories: Niche Directories: Services
Flowers have been used for many purposes since the beginning of human civilization, and have significant meanings. For a great period of time the charming and fragile beauty of flowers has enchanted people of all cultures and religious beliefs. Flowers have been cultivated for their decorative beauty and their ability to heal. Flowers have been the favourite topic of verse and ancient myths, and have been associated with religious symbols as well. A great many baby-girls are named after flowers. Some types of flowers were and are still used as food until now; others have are used as natural cures. Ancient man also acknowledged the artistic role of flowers. In fact, some ancient cultures believed that they could propitiate their ancestors' spirits by trimming their tombs with a certain sort of flowers. The most important function of flowers, nevertheless, is their power to express genuine human emotions and thoughts the way no other thing can. Whenever your feelings are too intense to verbalize – be it passion, sorrow, happiness, or gratitude - try to show them by means of flowers. Being the eternal symbol of affection and passion, the rose is the flower that expresses the most evident meaning. During the Renaissance era, roses were associated with Venus's immortal beauty, while scratches made by the rose's thorny stem symbolized the wounds of affection. In Christian symbolism the red rose stands for passion and the blood of a sufferer. White roses mean innocence and innate charm, whereas pink roses mean felicity. Furthermore, flowers can also influence our mood and emotional state. According to a recent behavioral study made by New Jersey State University, the presence of colorful flowers results in happy memories and emotions and impacts upon social behavior in a positive way. Scientific research has also proven that flowers possess healing properties. German psychologist Dr. Roger Ulrich found out that when hospital patients viewed flowers, their need for pain killing drugs decreased, their tension levels went down and they became much more optimistic. Perhaps, the positive influence flowers have on hospital patients is also linked to the meaning they possess - they are tangible proof that somebody cares about them and wishes them well. Flowers, hence, have an immediate effect on our emotional state and a long-lasting positive impact on our mood.
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