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Mentally ill people are treated by psychiatrists

Date Added: November 20, 2009 04:35:34 AM
Author: Felix
Category: Reference: Ask an Expert
The term "Psychiatry" was coined by Doctor J.C. Reil from Germany in 1808. Psychiatry is a science that studies and treats mental illnesses. A great many mental illnesses are treated by a psychiatrist. Mental health professionals work all over the globe. They help patients to overcome depression, treat sleeplessness etc. There are a great many mental illnesses and phobias that require specialist medical treatment. Among the common mental disorders are sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, abnormally high pressure moods, diverse personality disorders. Anorexia is a common psychological disorder, particularly in young girls. It starts when a person, commonly a young girl starves intentionally or eats less to become slimmer. Eventually, starving brings on a compete loss of appetite and serious health problems, for instance infertility in females. Schizophrenia is another severe mental disorder. It has been studied by psychiatrists for a long time. People suffering from the disorder percept the reality differently. Hallucinations, abnormal speech, unarranged thinking pattern, paranoia are typical of schizophrenic patients. Schizophrenics commonly suffer from severe depressions and anxiety disorders. People with schizophrenia have a shorter lifespan than mentally healthy people. One of the reasons is a high rate of suicides among patients suffering from the mental disorder. Though it is not passed from a parent to a child, Schizophrenia is recorded to affect family members. Harmful substance abuse is a common problem to be treated by psychiatrists. Social problems, for example unemployment, poor living conditions and homelessness, are common as well. PSYCHIATRY treats mental disorders brought on chemical imbalances in the brain. The way people think, percept the reality, their beliefs and a lot of other things form their psyche which might be severely challenged because of circumstances. A professional through a psychiatric aid and prescription medicine try to revive the balance in the brain. This process requires a lot of effort and time.
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